Raffles American School Campus

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Set among lush rolling hills in the fast-growing city of Iskandar, Malaysia, the new Raffles American School campus will accommodate 2,000 pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students. The 19-hectare school is envisioned as a holistic learning environment that is seamlessly interwoven into its beautiful setting.

Given the slope of the site, SOM’s scheme proposes three main “terraces,” with each terrace occupied by a cluster of grade levels. Programming includes classrooms, labs, art studios, a performing arts center, a library, and student housing. The plan also features a host of outdoor athletic amenities: swimming pools, ball courts, playing fields, and a 400-meter track.

Sustainability figures heavily into the design. Buildings will feature passive-cooling techniques such as cross-ventilation and the stack effect, in addition to exterior shading devices. The plan also calls for locally sourced materials and the utilization of local construction methods